Duk Byron Bay

Chinese eating house. Byron Bay NSW


To start

Twice cooked eggs with Sichuan pepper and salt
Chinese pickles


Mains to share

Whole / half roast duck
Whole / half soy chicken
Roast pork, for 2 / 4
Char siu, for 2 / 4
Tofu fried in fermented bean curd

Steamed greens with oyster sauce
Steamed jasmine rice


Bowl food

Roast duck, steamed greens and rice
Soy chicken, steamed greens and rice
Roast pork, steamed greens and rice
Char siu, steamed greens and rice|
Fried tofu, steamed greens and rice


To finish

Salted chocolate, peanut and five spice cake
Fruit plate


Pot of Mayde Tea ~ Sencha Jasmine and Rose

Brookies Slow Gin on ice


Stone and Wood Pacific Ale


150ml glass/ 500ml carafe/ 750ml bottle

Jilly Sparkling
Jilly Rose
Jilly Lone Ranger Semillon
Jilly White Wolf Tempranillo Shiraz Cabernet Franc

*Please note that we can not guarantee a nut-free environment. Peanut oil is used extensively in our kitchen. 

Jilly Wines

Hand made by Jared Dixon, Jilly Wines is a small batch winemaking company based in Clunes, NSW. Each vintage is the culmination of a creative journey, and marks a time and a place of creativity and inspiration that can never be reproduced in the same way.


Stone & Wood

Born and raised in Byron Bay, Stone & Wood take a fresh approach to brewing handcrafted beer. As the original brewers of the Northern Rivers, Brad, Jamie and Ross built their first brewery here at the eastern tip of Australia, in a part of the world where people enjoy having a beer when relaxing after catching a wave, catching a band at the pub or just catching up with friends. It’s that sort of place. Stone & Wood brew beer for times like these.


Brookies Gin

Made in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Brookies Gin comes from Cape Byron Distillery. It is made from Native Australian rainforest botanicals found on the Brooke family farm. The quintessential flavour of the Northern Rivers.